Outstanding quality, efficiency, support

K&N ENGINEERS LTD is one of the most specialized companies in food processing equipment, advanced systems and machinery in Greece. Initially active in the meat industry the company later expanded in the food processing and catering industry and consolidated in the Greek market thanks to the superior quality of products and services it offers.

With a wide range of products for meat, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetable processing, K&N ENGINEERS LTD focuses on systematic and well thought use of systems and machinery that meet the highest international standards.

K&N ENGINEERS LTD supplies bakeries, pastry shops, butcheries, café, restaurants, fast food, grill, catering, hotels and industrial units, following a Quality Management System that ensures the provision of immediate solutions and fully covers the needs of its customers.

The products, manufactured according to European and international quality standards, have European certificates of conformity (CE). Reliable and effective, they contribute to the drastic improvement of production processes while reducing operating and maintenance costs for your business. The manufacturers represented apply quality management systems according to ISO standards.