Automatic Batter-Breading System

Manufactured in the USA

The automatic batter-breading system by Bettcher Industries, is an easily adjustable machine that will greatly reduce the space and labor required to complete the batter-breading process.

Simple, compact and verified, ABB offers increased savings in time and materials

The electric batter-breading device requires 230V current. Its made from stainless materials, ABS plastic and Delrin, designed exclusively for contact with food. The automatic batter-breading system has simple structure and compact size so that it can be disassembled easily. This allows hassle free cleaning without the need for specialized tools.

ABB’s small size and fast speed is the perfect solution for the time and labor intensive batter breading process. The revolutionary automatic batter-breading machine can be used for vegetables (onion rings, mushrooms, etc.) shrimps and fish fillets, poultry and meat (steaks, schnitzel, ribs, etc.).

  • Reduces labor time up to 70%
  • Saves as much as 40% in pre-prepared food costs
  • Create fresh batter-breaded products with your personal taste signature
  • Uniform batter-breading

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