Potato Former / Cutter

In spiral form

The slicing and cutting of potatoes and other vegetables becomes child’s play with Nemco’s potato former / cutter.

Your fried potatoes take shape and value

With the electric potato forming / cutting device you can easily create a new form of garnish for your clients. Fast and with minimal waste, using the entire potato (with or without its rich in vitamins skin).

The electric potato cutter, forms potatoes in different shapes such as spiral, rings, wavy chips, and more. At the same time the frying of potatoes becomes immeasurably better giving your product a crunchy, unparalleled texture.

Producing potatoes that are beautiful to look at, extremely tasty and crunchy, the potato forming / cutting device will raise levels and upgrade your kitchen. The product can be served with several dips to offer an attractive and independent serving.

Also available as a manual device.

  • Money maker!
  • Cut spiral fries in 5 seconds
  • 5 styles of cuts available: Spiral, Ribbon, Wavy Ribbon, Garnish, and Chip Twister
  • Blade style easily interchangeable
  • Safe: 2-hand operation required

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