Manual Vegetable Cube Cutter

Made in the USA

Simple and economic, the manually operated vegetable cube cutter is an ideal machine for serving cucumber or carrot sticks in bars.

Ideal for cutting soft fruits and vegetables in cubes

The vegetable cube cutting device by Nemco, is what you are looking for and will give you complete solutions. It cuts easily, quickly, with no waste, all fruits and vegetables (hard or soft).

Easy to use and safe it is idea for cutting in sticks and cubes for a series of vegetables and products such as salads, dips, etc.

The manually operated vegetable cube cutter functions with characteristic easiness and safety. It doesn’t require training, saving valuable personnel and labor costs. It produces an amazing result that will lift off your kitchen!

  • Beside cubes it can cut in sticks
  • Easily disassembled for cleaning

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