ARC Slicer by Edlund

ARC Slicer by Edlund

Hand operated vegetable cutter

There are a lot of hand operated cutters that are used for hard vegetables but don’t have the same results in soft foods such as ripe tomatoes or juicy fruits. Other large cutters, are specialized in cutting tomatoes but fall short to slice hard vegetables. The hand operated vegetable cutter, ARC Slicer by Edlund, is here to cover this exactly shortage in the professional food equipment.

You no longer need different devices that occupy extra space

The unique professional vegetable cutter by Edlund can slice and cut in equal and uniform slices, fruits and vegetables, regardless of their size or density.

The ARC vegetable slicer is ideal for all kinds of fruits and vegetables and can slice with easiness soft strawberries, ripe tomatoes as well as hard potatoes and onions. It is uniquely designed so that the food is not placed directly onto the blades. This allows the safe operation and easy slicing of fruits and vegetables with only a slight pressure on the handle.

The professional user cuts quickly, steadily and with safety without losing time and effort. The ARC vegetable cutter’s blades can be replaced with no extra tools and can be washed in common dishwashers.

  • Made from stainless stell
  • Long list of functions
  • Suitable for dishwashers
  • Fast, easy and safe blade replacement
  • Protection from cuts due to its special design that doesn’t allow fingers to come into contact with the blades
  • Available for cutting in 3 different slice thickness

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