Professional Multi-purpose Cutter

Professional Multi-purpose Cutter

Silent and fast, the perfect assistant for your kitchen!

The professional multi-purpose cutter by La Minerva is ideal for businesses that produce ready-made food such as restaurants, pizzerias, grill houses and catering.

Slices of cheese, fruit and vegetables are now uniform with constant quality, ready to serve.

It cuts, slices and grates most kinds of fruits and vegetables. The professional multi-purpose cutter can be used to cut cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, onions, etc. or to grate cheese such as gouda, etc.

Its multi-functional and effective, guaranteeing the highest hygiene, safety, grating and cutting standards. The multi-purpose cutter’s ventilated machine is powerful – capable to execute all necessary processes with minimal effort and noise.

The professional multipurpose cutter is made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel to last through time. It constitutes and efficient investment for your business.

Available in complete stainless build.

  • Versatile and efficient: you can quickly process food to achieve different results with an excellent finish
  • Utmost hygiene: the components are manufactured from materials suitable for food handling and can be easily removed for fast cleaning
  • Ventilated motor: powerful and low-noise. Can perform all processes effortlessly

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