Heat Chambers

The ideal solution that respects your food

Thermodyne is an experienced company, operating for many years, in the field of heat-chamber manufacturing. The revolutionary method utilized “Fluid Shelf / Precision Heat Transfer System,” allows the correct maintenance of foods.

A fluid circulates in each shelf of the heat chamber that guarantees precise and uniformly distributed temperature. Thermodyne’s Fluid Shelf technology is a patented method that preserves the fluids and aroma of foods without the product to overcook or dry out.

Using high-technology Thermodyne’s heat chambers offer food ready to serve. At any moment and without losing their quality, just as if they were right out of the over. Always warm and at the right temperature.

The heat-chambers can be used for cooking in low temperature (slow cooking), producing juicy and delicious meals.

  • Thermodyne’s Fluid shelf technology transfers heat through contact, 30 times faster than other methods. This allows for faster heating in lower temperature.
  • Possibility to use the heat chamber for slow cooking
  • Available as floor or table-top types
  • It can function without doors (on table-top versions with G/N 1:/ 3, 5 or 10 shelfs – 6.5cm) reaching temperatures up to 110C
  • Easily temperature adjustment

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