Counter Fridges / Freezers

Increase kitchen productivity

Adande’s amazing counter fridges and freezers will make your life easier, providing increased economy in steps and energy.

Gain over 40% in energy consumption costs

In conventional cooling, the air escapes to the environment with every use of the fridge door. The clever design and incorporation of drawers by Adande’s fridges keeps the cool air in the shelfs, increasing your products life. The food maintain their quality and at the same time the energy consumption costs are brought down by at least 40%.

Adande’s counter fridge and freezer systems also provide easier visual access to products, enabling increased ergonomy. They function independently as for maintaining or freezing but also for fast freezing (a great advantage available as an option).

Adande’s counter fridges can have single, double or triple drawers. They are equipped with wheels for their easy transfer and use.


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