Manual Cheese Cutter

Cuts in slices, sticks or cubes

Just like a warm knife, the manually operated cheese cutter by Nemco, cuts easily white or yellow cheese in slices, sticks or cubes.

The extremely usable and simple cheese slices gives you the opportunity to create slices of equal thickness (0.95 or 1.9cm) yellow or white cheese. Its disassembly is easy for cleaning. Manufactured from anodized aluminum to withstand every-day use.

The manual operated cheese cutter is the ideal device to create autonomous servings in cubes or sticks or to dress pleasantly your salads. A device that is easy to use for fast preparing your recipes and controlling portioning.

Create small portions for serving. The manual cheese cutter is your ally in standardization and attractive appearance of your products.

It can also be used for cutting butter.


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