Electric Gyros Knife

Electric Gyros Knife

Less hussle, more profit, right in the palm of your hand

The easy way to prepare gyros souvlaki is now at the palm of your hand! The electric gyros cutting knife, Whizard Power Knife by Bettcher Industries, has a rotating circular blade that functions in conjunction with an adjusted weight cutting controller. The blade takes care of perfectly slicing over the entire surface of the meat and the controller provides the perfect thickness. The electric gyros knife will give you uniform, well cooked thin slices of meat every time!

The no1 gyros knife in the world!

Unusable straight knives that require special handling and many hours of practice with doubtful results are a thing of the past. The unique electric gyros knife, made in the USA, is extremely easy to use and guarantees quick cooking. The adjustable weight controller provides excellent gyros appearance with minimal training.

Designed to cut thin slices of gyros, cooked at an ideal temperature. The electric gyros knife will offer your business the absolute advantage: It lessens muscle stress, slicing times and costs, increasing productivity and sales.

Now even an inexperienced handler can slice gyros steadily, quickly and uniformly!

The electric gyros knife by Bettcher Industries is ideal for pork, chicken, beef or kebab. It guarantees speed, quality and productivity. By investing on this device you save food while also providing a better and faster service for your clients!

All hands become experts!

  • Circular blade for fast and uniform cutting in 360 degrees covering all areas of the gyros
  • Adjustable weigh controller
  • Detachable head for easy cleaning and safety

The Whizard PowerKnife is advantageous since:

  • Is faster than common knives
  • Ergonomic and easy to use
  • Cuts thin slices without going deep where the meat isn’t cooked
  • Slices in three directions
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