Electric Knife Sharpener

Electric Knife Sharpener

Knives sharpened like new!

It may sound contradictory as a theory, but in practice, a sharp knife reduces the possibilities of injury and eases tasks. Especially in the food and meat industry where the use of professional knives is part of every day work. A sharp blade means accuracy, speed and efficiency, with less effort.

A sharp blade is a safe blade.

The knife sharpener will help you achieve with ease the uniform cutting of food, quickly and steadily, without extra pressure on the hands that has the risk of losing a safe grip. The knife sharpening practice, in order to withstand every day use and maintain their edges, has dangers such as the carving of the blade or the destruction of the knife.

Edlund’s electric knife sharpener is designed to overcome this aforementioned problems. Easy to use and ideal for every day use, it possesses a mechanism that makes knife sharpening safe and a breeze.

The specially designed plastic case of the device allows the knife to be positioned as close as possible to the sharpening stone. The electric knife sharpener has the capability of automatically switching off, in case more pressure that needed is applied.

  • Excellent price/efficiency relationship
  • Solid finish
  • Simple, precise and safe function
  • Made in the USA

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