Professional Grill Station

Professional Grill Station

Roband Grill, made in Australia

Roband’s professional grill station is something more that necessary in the food service industry. Necessary for any coffee shop, restaurant, fast food and cantina, it’s the absolute device that guarantees quick toasting, satisfying customers and increased sales.

The professional Roband Grill has meticulous design, durable construction and flexibility, producing uniform professional grills. It guarantees perfect grills, fast and easy for tasty results.

Available in models for different slice sizes and ideal for businesses with medium to large production of grilled goods. It grills, sandwiches, omelets, meat, poultry and fish, preserving all the nutrients and multitude of flavors.


  • Protective, removable PTFE sheets that block food from sticking on the plates and keep the grill always clean
  • Special side grooves for fat removal

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