Automatic Toaster

Automatic Toaster

The perfect automatic machine for breakfast bouffe

The revolutionary toaster Sycloid by Roband, sets new standards for the professional toasters industry. Unique, it can toast with amazing quality different thickness of bread slices, even 3 cm thick!

With production capabilities that can reach over 500 slices an hour!

The automatic toaster will toast uniformly and with great speed, solving your production time problems. It produces a perfect visual and quality result.

Elegant with clever design, it can be placed in areas where there is visual contact by customers. The Sycloid toaster has special LED lighting that uplifts in a unique way the produced toasts.

Made from stainless steel to withstand heavy professional use. Equipped with advanced technology for energy savings as well as providing the best possible safety conditions. The reliable automatic toaster by Roband is extremely easy for the user, with a protection cover from high temperatures. It has the unique capability of adjusting the toasting speed and is easily cleaned from crumbs using the special drawer.

Roband’s professional toaster is the best in the market, giving you comparable advantages in quality and toasting speed, ergonomics and ease of use, as well as economy and safety.


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